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Exhausted, Burnt out, Unhappy, Uninspired? Have you recently made time for physical self-care?

Practicing self-care is not easy. Most of us have stressful jobs, demanding family lives. We are too busy consuming all the technology around us. “Me- Time” is usually the last thing on the agenda.

There is a belief attached to self-care that it is only possible for the rich who can spend money on massage and spa treatments every week. Or for the ones blessed enough to have lots of free time in this busy, chaotic life.

We can feel guilty prioritizing our self-care before kids, partners…

Self-care can be described as the practice of taking an active role in protecting your well-being and happiness. There are four key areas to practice self-care. Psychological self-care, to me, is to learn, think, and grow. This can include our professional and personal development. It is to take care of your mind.

Psychological Self-Care Examples

Digital Detox

Digital detox is often viewed as eliminating digital devices and focusing on more real-life social interactions without distractions. I would say that it is more of a conscious approach to technology rather than complete elimination.

There are many benefits to reducing screen times, such as less comparison, better…

No one is born with limitless confidence. It is not pre-determined at birth, so we are not at the mercy of our biology.

Confidence is something we work on as individuals and create within ourselves. It’s being sure of yourself and your ability to handle whatever comes up. Confidence is not arrogance. But knowing that you are capable.

There are many benefits to increasing your self-confidence. It allows us freedom from self-doubt and negative thoughts about ourselves. So it enables us to overcome our fears and aim higher.

It is common to have mixed levels of self-confidence, depending on what…

If you don’t write your thoughts down in a journal or “diary”, you should start today. Here’s why, the number of benefits that come with it is incredible. It reduces stress, improves immune function, keeps your memory sharp, boosts your mood, strengthens emotional functions. Writing can also be therapeutic when you’re suffering from PTSD, abuse, or traumatic childhood events.

What I am talking about is writing in a physical journal by hand. Many studies have concluded these benefits. Take for instance James W. Pennebaker one of the lead researchers on expressive writing. He found that when you put pen to…

Abhi Sandhu

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